Friday, February 5, 2010

Fortune Cookies

Yesterday after some much needed sleeping in, I booked it to Walmart to try to find any medicine I could take for this blasted cold, then realized my socks weren't staying up and so next thing I know I have a package of valentine's socks in one hand and chocolate dipped fortune cookies in the other. (Walmart is pretty slick. I just needed them once I saw them.) The medicine didn't really work (because pregnant people can't take anything effective), so I decided to take a stab at the fortune cookies. Chocolate is a miracle worker, you know.

My fortune: "You will always be surrounded by true friends"

How true!!! I have to admit, as many sucky fortune cookies as there are, mine usually apply pretty well. This one definately did. I am so very thankful for friends and family that are supportive and uplifting. The fortune made my day. My friends and family pretty much make my life.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's a boy!

The verdict is in, and the baby is a boy! I would be lying if I said I wasn't suprised. I honestly didn't have a preference, but just expected a little girl. A lot of other people were just as shocked, so I don't feel too badly.
This isn't the best picture, but I am not a fan of the walmart scanner or cds. The sonogram was such a neat experience...both times. I had to go back for a 2nd one because on the first one they had some concerns about his heart. I was completely stressed out those days in between sonograms even though I really thought it would be okay. Worrying moms runs deep in my genetics. I did have a blessing that was amazing, but I was surprised at the things I heard, but felt huge relief. Finally going back and hearing them say that he was healthy and there are no problems was such a relief.
The good news about being stressed out was I suppose I was so knotted up that the little guy ran out of room and started kicking harder, hard enough other people can feel it. My mom was SO excited to feel him kick for the first time. I think it went to his head because he hasn't quit since!
I am very excited to have this little boy and feel like he can't come soon enough. For one thing I am already sadly running out of belly space. I feel like a pringle commercial. Once you pop, you just can't stop!
I guess we will see just how many other things can go wrong. I know I am very lucky and blessed to have everything come out fine in the end. Thanks for the few that did know what was going on and for your support. It means a ton.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

shape ups

At first, I was skeptical.

After looking into it, I figured even if they didn't give the extra workout, that they are supposed to be comfortable and help with posture (both of which are quickly fading with an extra person on board). I only told 2 people I was even considering it, because I felt a little silly. Then they were on sale and I ordered them before I even knew.

I LOVE them! It took a few minutes, but they survived a night at Casa and my feet didn't hurt once. It's not even like wearing shoes. It's more like walking on padding while something gives my feet one big hug. They make me taller too, which helps make jeans fit right. :)

The verdict is out still on whether they help with toning. I did wake up a little stiffer. Either way I recommend them!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Growing, growing, gone.

My dad says it looks like a swallowed a pumpkin seed.
This isn't the best picture, but I have too much pride to ask someone to take one (not asking for volunteers either). I also do have bare belly ones, but just not feeling like those need to go public.
Anyway, only 19 weeks and already feeling huge. Only gained 3 pounds in between doctor visits, but I feel GIGANTIC, mostly because it just appeared.

So here we go!
Mostly just trying to remember the miracle and beauty of it, no matter how unbeautiful I feel.
(Already trying to plan out how to take the weight back off.)

Temporarily Perfect :)

It wasn't a perfect day, not even by a long shot. Another fight with a boy. Another fight with an office scanner amongst other office equipment. Things happened. Emotions rolled. Life happened.
And then we had perfection...
I took Brook and James to the duck pond, one of my favorite places in the world.
We fed ducks, walked around both ponds, played, walked some more, ate apples, raced, and played just a little more before heading home.
It wasn't a perfect day. But those couple of hours were amazing.

James favorite thing was chasing after ducks.
Brook couldn't figure out why the ducks don't come when you call.

We went home and James was tired and then woke up with a gunky swollen eye amongst other things. Back to reality. But the moments are completely worth it.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Barney Christmas

I LOVE Christmas!
This Christmas was a little different at our house. Brian miraculously made it home for another year. His return flight was Christmas day though, so it changed our traditions a bit. Everything got moved to Christmas Eve, but it was still fun. Presents are quite as exciting when you get older. I got clothes and a baby moniter. Brian did like his confederate blanket I got him. The winner was the remote control helicopter Brian got my dad. We all took turns flying/crashing it. Brian already flew it into dish water. Rice doesn't just work for phones. As fun as the present was that day, I wasn't super pleased this morning when my Dad almost flew it into my head this morning when I was trying to eat my cereal.
Traveling during Christmas was an adventure too. We didn't plan meals since Jeff said his house was stocked. Sometimes I forget that I don't eat hardly anything that my brothers do. After over an hour of driving I remembered Panda Express had been open. Of course as luck would have it, they just happened to close right as i pulled up. I actually saw people coming out, but the workers wouldn't let me in. And so walgreens snacks it was for Christmas dinner. Random, but definately worth the extra time with my brother.
Hope everyone else had a wonderful and merry Christmas!

Not a huge fan of these pictures but its okay. My mom was struggling with my camera. (And I feel like a rolly polly these days!)

Christmas Break

Christmas -
Time for love and giving, remembering Christ...and the kids being out of school. I LOVE when they are all home when I go to babysit. It's an adjustment every time, but always fun. A lot of them have been helping at the ranch and the nursery, but we still had time together. My favorite was the days of stomach flu. Jay got it too, so not only were we all in the house, but trying to be quiet for Jay and James who were having a heck of a time upstairs. Here is some of our fun so far.

Christmas cookies with my favorite little helpers.

Janna decided she wanted to play makeover and asked me to do her hair and to get her nails done. Abbey even let me do hers. Its nothing fancy, time and resources were limited but fun.

Stomach flu day we remembered how fun cards were. We built houses. Lilly had a rough time with it, but was a trooper.

Lilly. Enough said.