Friday, February 5, 2010

Fortune Cookies

Yesterday after some much needed sleeping in, I booked it to Walmart to try to find any medicine I could take for this blasted cold, then realized my socks weren't staying up and so next thing I know I have a package of valentine's socks in one hand and chocolate dipped fortune cookies in the other. (Walmart is pretty slick. I just needed them once I saw them.) The medicine didn't really work (because pregnant people can't take anything effective), so I decided to take a stab at the fortune cookies. Chocolate is a miracle worker, you know.

My fortune: "You will always be surrounded by true friends"

How true!!! I have to admit, as many sucky fortune cookies as there are, mine usually apply pretty well. This one definately did. I am so very thankful for friends and family that are supportive and uplifting. The fortune made my day. My friends and family pretty much make my life.

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Bryce and Jaci said...

Ya. ANYTHING Chocolate pretty much makes my day! That's the only bad thing about getting sick while pregnant--NO REAL remedy. Although you could try collidal silver and a neti pot. Hope you're felling better.